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March 2015 Updated!

Usere Experience Design

I share with you my first UI and UX Concept our Team made in a Cooperation with BSH Group. Photos of a working prototype are coming soon.

new case study

My professional career as well as my education in design was focused in fields such as Transportation, Sports and Leisure, User Experience and Consumers Products. So far I was able to work with famous brands as Designer at Teams Design in Hamburg and as Freelance Designer.


To visualize design and to shape ideas for my projects I can use an extensive toolset of Skills, from rough and dirty scribbles, to sketching, up to stylish Photoshop Sketches. Sketching is the quickest way to aprove and create an idea or design. It´s still my number one tool for design


My most ambitious goal is to create compelling experiences for humans, enabled by technology. To achieve this I use strategic methods, my technical understanding, my experience and design skills. I envision unique experiences for innovative and sustained products.


Computer aided design already is a standard in almost any design field. I have a great understanding of computer hardware and software. So I can choose from an extensice software package to work with on the current design portfolio.

About Me

I am a Professional Industrial Designer currently working on my Master Degree in Munich
and looking for design jobs as part-time freelancer or a full-time position as designer in Munich area.
Beside more than 3 years of international work experience I am offering a wide skillset in design,
which you can review on the following pages, as well as management and team leading abilities.

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An overview of projects from 2011 till now

Case Study

"brand featured design"

this quick project visualizes my design process with a sample. this project is a result of a student case study at university in munich.

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UX Case Study

My Sketchbook

Sketching is the most useful tool to communicate a variety of ideas and thoughts with others. From the very concept of a product to the aesthetics of a design, it is still my first choice, when it comes to visualisation

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A User Experience Design Design Study

A Documentation of a Project Cooperation with TUM and BSH Group. Our Team created User Experience Design concepts concerning the interaction and User Interface of household appliances. The following case study shows the overall design process from Research up to the first idea and the implementation of the concept

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Design Pitch
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official Portfolio on issuu

Curriculum Vitae

My professional Path

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Skills I have to offer


conceptual design, leisure, sports, transportation, consumers products, styling, innovation, design process

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Sketching, technical drawings, Scribbles, Illustration, Photoshop, Sketchbook

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Design Visualisation and Executive Modelling, Advanced Modelling Skills in Alias Studiotools, Rendering in Keyshot, 3D MAx, VRED and Maya, Basic Animation on 3D Max and Cinema, Basic Programming in Java

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Contact me

You are welcome to contact me to inquire information, for questions or offerings to work with me.
I´ll get back to you within 1 or 2 days.